Inspiring Rose Winter Bouquet Wedding Ideas07
Inspiring Rose Winter Bouquet Wedding Ideas07

46 Elegant Rose Winter Bouquet Wedding Ideas

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The ancient Romans believed that wearing strong smelling flowers will protect them from evil spirits. Even the English felt that they will be saved from plague.

In the Victorian times, lovers used to send secret messages hidden in bouquets. Red roses are used to express love. Freesia is used to represent trust and a fern stands for sincerity.

Apart from flowers, any bouquet can be decorated with ribbons, lace, beads, silk material and so on and so forth. Cascading bouquets are flowing bouquets with flowers cascading below the main portion of the design. The other names for the cascading bouquets are the teardrop bouquet and the waterfall bridal.

The bouquets are rounded at the top and fall to a point. There are many online galleries which show pictures of cascading bouquets, bridal bouquets, wedding flowers, floral decorations, reception decorations and so on and so forth. Some of the photos are provided by the bridal flower consultants and some of the photos are gracefully donated by the bride itself.

For weddings in the evenings, especially at nights, little bright colored bouquets are used. Brighter roses, other lilies, English Ivy, leather leaf fern, beads and ribbons are used for the same.

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