Best 2017 Wedding Fashion Color Trends Ideas26
Best 2017 Wedding Fashion Color Trends Ideas26

31 Best 2017 Wedding Fashion Color Trends Ideas

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Wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. You must want a perfect bridal look on your big day. A perfect wedding dress is not enough apparently. We still need the perfect location, the sparkling silverware, the classy invitations, the fresh flowers. Getting all this ready is not a joke. Now, how do you start choosing your wedding color? Here’s a guide on some useful color schemes for 2017 weddings.

2017 Spring Wedding
As we all know, spring is the best season for fresh colors, blossoms and all those pleasant things. A spring wedding is the best one for a clean and light look. Colors like apple green, light orange, pearl pink, purple, peach or daffodil are great choices. Each one in these colors matched with sliver is a real shot to a classy wedding. If pale colors can’t suit you well, why not choose bold and bright colors like watermelon or a bold shade of peach. You may match watermelon with silver, while peach would work well with regency. You are sure to get satisfactory results either way.

2017 Summer Wedding
A summer wedding allows you the use of many colors. Since summer asks for the tropical look, nothing could stop you from the use of shades like lilac, coral or even a bright lavender. If you are the wild kind, you could also try some bold colors like orange, fuchsia or lime. If you dare not to take a chance, you may stick with traditional colors like green, blue or red. Shades like apple green or turquoise goes well with a basic wedding color like white or ivory could give the wedding venue a classy look.

2017 Fall Wedding
If you choose to hold your wedding in the autumn, you may not be the one to go all out. Bold colors just make you enjoy yourself and there’s nothing wrong with these colors. Traditional autumn wedding colors include rusty or burnt red, coffee, chocolate, variations of yellow, burgundy, crimson. Various shades of blue like sapphire or regency are popular colors. Of course, there are other classic combination which we all love, such as burgundy and gold? Or Gothic black and burgundy?

2017 Winter Wedding
Many women like to build their winter wedding into a fairytale wonderland. Do you think it’s a little bit out of date? No body set a limit to winter wedding colors. Why not add more colorful touch on the winter theme wedding? The colors like baby blue, baby pink, lilac, mauve are not in fashion anymore since those color combinations have been used time and time again. How about play with dark and light combinations? The black and white color scheme never grows old. Maybe even a dark red and gold or champagne and black.

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