Wonderful Winter Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas31
Wonderful Winter Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas31

32 Wonderful Winter Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas

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A perfect reception table isn’t one with the most expensive flowers money can buy or the clearest crystal vase available. What makes any table setting perfect is the balance and proportion that all the different accessories have. With a wedding reception table, there are lots of different elements that have to work together and that means perfection won’t come easy.

If you go with the traditional white table linen and napkins, your table might be good but far from great. While incorporating traditional colors in the reception is a good idea, you should always add more colors to highlight your theme.

It means you’ve done more than just go and pick out party rentals from a store and the added effort always shines through. Instead of using white as the base color, use the white to tone down some of the brighter colors. This means keeping the white subtle and minimal. Use silver instead of the white wherever possible.

Use a single unit centerpiece like fresh fruit bouquets or fruit arrangements instead of multi unit ones. Multi-unit centerpieces for wedding tables will have to be placed carefully so that there isn’t too much or too little space between everything and the guests can still sit and eat comfortably.

If you’ve got a silver touch in the plates, make sure you’re tableware has silver tones too. It may sound trivial but if you were to combine gold and silver in such a small space together, the overall effect would be a clash of colors. Neutrals like white, silver and gold need to balance each other perfectly if they are going to be used in the same place.

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