Vintage Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas You Will Totally Love33
Vintage Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas You Will Totally Love33

43 Vintage Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas You Will Totally Love

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Weddings in the winter are romantic and magical all rolled up into one special and memorable occasion. The majority of weddings at this time of year are held indoors because of the cold; however, you can bring the winter indoors with these easy winter vintage wedding ideas.

Vintage Wedding Gown

Vintage weddings are very romantic and the perfect opportunity to wear your grandmother’s wedding gown in an event similar in style to the first time it was worn. If you are purchasing a gown, save money on a classic wedding dress by searching in consignment shops or online for a dress that is vintage in design. If you find a pre-owned dress that suits you, keep in mind that it may need to be cleaned or need minor repairs, so purchase in sufficient time to make the tailoring needed.

Winter Colors

The perfect option for a winter wedding is white, however, with small additions of silver or blue you can add a bit of color and sparkle to the overall color scheme. The bridesmaids’ dresses would be stunning in a silvery blue, and bouquets made from white roses with silver ribbon look elegant and romantic, providing a wintery effect.

Vintage Invitations

Whether you order the invitations or make them yourself, they should have a classic vintage look. Paper that is cream-colored with ragged edges and antique printing looks gorgeous and will give your guests a hint about the theme of the wedding. Images such as a horse-drawn sleigh in the snow look great on a vintage wedding invitation.

Winter Decorations

Small items such as glitter, snowflakes and silver-painted twigs go a long way when decorating for a winter vintage theme. Decorate the reception tables with white table linens, blue napkins and glittery snowflakes scattered on top of the table covers. Centerpieces made from white candles, silver-painted branches and white flowers provide an elegant, romantic and vintage effect. Provide mood lighting with small white lights throughout the venue, or have several white candles in various sizes on all of the tables, in candelabras or in decorative votive cups. Arrange to have ice sculptures on the food table and/or the cake table to add a romantic ambiance to the decorations.

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