Modern Indian Wedding Dresses And Wedding Gowns Ideas41
Modern Indian Wedding Dresses And Wedding Gowns Ideas41

41 Modern Indian Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns Ideas

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The traditional wedding isn’t as popular as it used to be. Many brides are considering different options, including themed weddings and unusual wedding gowns. Indian wedding dresses are one popular choice. They’re exotic and attractive, without be extremely expensive or difficult to wear. If you’re thinking about doing something a little different, consider looking into Indian fashion as an inspiration for your wedding gown. There are many options that will lend a touch of the exotic to your special day.

Few Indian wedding dresses are white. White is the color of mourning in this part of the world, like many others. Instead, wedding attire is traditionally red, which is considered a lucky color that will bring happiness to the couple. Of course, it’s possible for the Western bride who doesn’t like red to choose a different color instead. However, most traditional Indian wedding dresses you see will be made in red fabrics.

Just like in other countries, there’s no one style of dress worn to weddings in India. Some common styles include saris, gaghra choli, and salwar kameez. The sari is probably the most familiar style for most of us. It’s a long piece of fabric worn over a skirt and blouse, and wrapped carefully around the body. Some sari styles are simple. Others are elaborately pleated, pinned, and tucked. It all depends on the region and personal preference of the bride.

Gaghra choli refers to a long skirt worn with a short blouse called a choli. Choli usually expose part of the woman’s stomach – something to consider if you’re interested in an Indian style wedding dress but aren’t comfortable with showing much skin. A scarf, referred to as a dupatta, is draped over the chest, head, or neck. Salwar kameez refers to an outfit made up of trousers and a tunic. The salwar, or pants, part of the outfit can be cut close to the body or can be very loose. The kameez is usually hip length or longer, and may be heavily embroidered.

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