Great Ideas For Winter Wedding Flowers40
Great Ideas For Winter Wedding Flowers40

44 Great Ideas For Winter Wedding Flowers

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When planning your flowers for a winter wedding try to focus on what you as a couple would like for your big day. The brides flower bouquet should reflect her personality.

Remember with advances in worldwide shipping most flowers are available now throughout the year. Therefore you can still choose traditional wedding flowers such as lilies, roses and orchids. Many winter brides opt for the traditional white bouquet. However you may want to be different and choose deep colors such as red roses interspersed with evergreens. The choice is yours, I would suggest that you go with your instinct rather than what other people have to say!

Popular winter wedding flower colors are white, blue, red and green. There is a trend towards cascade bouquets rather than the traditional big bunched bouquet. You should however consider what sort of wedding dress you will be wearing and try to match the style of the flowers to the dress.

If you go for a white flower bouquet then there are different shades of winter wedding flower to choose from. These range from paper white through to ivory. A popular flower for winter weddings is the tulip.

The color green provides a good contrast and balance to all winter wedding flower bouquets. At this time of the year evergreens and holly are in abundance. You could also make these colors blend with your centerpieces for a seamless winter wedding theme.

Remember winter wedding flowers should compliment your plans. There are so many styles and colors available in winter that you should be spoilt for choice.

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