Modern African Dresses Styles 201738
Modern African Dresses Styles 201738

44 Modern African Dresses Styles 2017

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Many brides in the United States think of white wedding dresses as “traditional,” but the white wedding dress is actually a fairly recent custom. When Queen Victoria was married in 1840, she chose a white wedding dress and immediately started a fashion. While most working-class brides continued to get married in a best dress, regardless of color, well-to-do brides in Britain and America followed the Queen and got married in white.

As other brides followed suit, people began to think of the white color as a symbol of purity, and within one short century the white wedding dress became a must.

But as times have continued to change, more and more brides are beginning to buck Victoria’s example and let their true colors show.

Some brides brighten up the traditional white dress with deftly placed colored accents. These can serve to draw the eye to the bride’s best features, match color accents in the groom’s outfit, or just add a fun splash of color.

Modern brides looking for something a little bolder are making wedding dresses in champagne and gold increasingly popular. Either color is elegant enough for a formal wedding, and the brides look every bit as striking as their sisters in white.

Adding a little color to your wedding dress doesn’t just add flexibility to your choices – it can also be a beautiful way to honor your heritage.

Traditional African bridal wear comes in all kinds of colors. Some colors and patterns are used to honor the area the bride and groom come from, or some have personal or family significance to the bride and groom. A modern couple that chooses traditional brightly colored cloth to enhance standard Western wedding outfits can make for a stunning pair.

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