Fun Nails Art Design Ideas 2017 For Stunning Look 65
Fun Nails Art Design Ideas 2017 For Stunning Look 65

66 Fun Nails Art Design Ideas 2017 for Stunning Look

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These days, looking fashionable is no longer confined to the fashion industry or the elite class. Earlier, women sparingly used makeup. Makeup was done only on occasions like weddings or big ceremonies. Now, the trend has changed. Women of all age groups want to look pretty and believe in being fashionable. Over the last couple of decades, women have become more aware of their femininity and take measures to look adorable.

Women have become more conscious about their looks and it is reflected in the manner they dress themselves. A few years back, women were satisfied by just getting a manicure or a pedicure done at the beauty parlors. They were happy getting their finger nails and toe nails painted. Now, the women want more. They want something else to be creatively done to make their nails stand out.

This art has emerged as a creative profession. They are treated like a miniature piece of canvas where the artist uses all his or her creative instincts to make them look different and artistic. They draw and paint designs. The ever growing demand has led many beauty salons to incorporate ‘nail art’ in the list of services offered by them.

In order to make the nails look pretty the artist need several accessories. They have to purchase them from some local beauty stores or online. Basic manicure and pedicure sets are needed to clean, scrub, and prepare the nails for further decoration. There are also false nails available for ladies who do not have good nails. They can be easily fixed on the real nails with the help of nail glue. The artificial nails are available in various lengths. French and metallic nails are very popular these days.

After manicuring the artists begin decorating them. They make use of fine paint brushes to paint designs. Nail rubber stamps are also easily available in the market. They are dipped in nail paint and are applied on the nails. Some professionals also make use of nail stencils. The stencils come in a plethora of designs and they make the nails look even more creative.

The nail art can also be done at home with the help of a good nail art kit. If someone has a good hand at painting or drawing then it becomes a child’s play for her. Moreover, it is fun to do it at home. A nail paint remover and paint dryer should also be purchased as they make the whole task much simpler.

Nail art is here to stay as nails have become an integral part of women’s beauty.

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