Gorgeous Red Valentine Day Outfits Ideas 30
Gorgeous Red Valentine Day Outfits Ideas 30

48 Gorgeous Red Valentine Day Outfits Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is the traditional day on which many people throughout the world express and celebrate their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards or giving gifts such as flowers or chocolates.

Choosing the right outfit to wear for this special occasion can be daunting, especially if you are wary of wearing red but if you plan your ‘dressing up’ well in advance you should have no problems.

Since the colour red is often associated with emotion, it would be good to include it in your ensemble but, in choosing the perfect outfit to wear on Valentine’s Day, careful consideration should be given to finding the most flattering shade of red for you, after all you do want to look your best on this special day. A colour analysis is probably the safest way to find out the correct shade for you – the shade that enhances your looks to the maximum and makes you look your very best.

Of course, red is not the only colour that could be worn for this Valentine occasion. Different shades of pinks and corals would also be excellent at would deep purples and mauves.

Today is the day to wear feminine dresses with soft lines and flouncy hems. A simple wrap or shift dress with the red Valentine accent colour in your shoes or handbag. Tops with detailed edging are good too.

Eye make-up for Valentine’s Day should be sultry and smoky. Even if not normally used, foundation is a must for today to cover blemishes and even out skin tone. Lips need to be soft and kissable so use a delicately coloured lipgloss. However, if you do decide to wear a striking red lipstick it is always wise to ensure that you test the ‘stickability’ of it before hand after all, red lipstick all over a champagne glass is not very attractive. Don’t forget to top your lipstick with a quality lip gloss to obtain sexy Valentine lips! Finally, a delicate rosy and shimmery blusher is ideal to bring this Valentine’s look together. If you are not feeling comfortable, then a make-up lesson from a local image consultant will be well worth the money.

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