Adorable DIY Valentines Day Nails 56
Adorable DIY Valentines Day Nails 56

62 Adorable DIY Valentines Day Nails

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So it’s February 14, you wake up with a single thought: today is going to suck. But we’re here to tell you that the world is not ending just because you don’t have a boyfriend to spend the day of hearts with.

Why not start your day by doing a good deed for the family? Plan a special breakfast menu for the day. You can print out the feast you’re preparing on some pretty paper and create place cards for your parents and siblings. Wake them up and present your breakfast buffet. They’ll surely appreciate the gesture!

In school, offer to get some from the supply cabinet when your teacher runs out of chalk, help out your seatmate when she gets confused with the lesson. And when you get your change from the lunch lady, offer a smile and a “thank you.”

If your friends have Valentine’s plans of their own, don’t worry! You can have a Pamper Me Day at home! Get your DIY foot spa ready: a tub of warm water, a pumice stone (to rub off the dry skin), lotion, and your favorite nail polish. Lay back and listen to your Today Is Going to be a Good Day playlist and relax!

There’s really not much to it. Valentine’s Day isn’t merely reserved for couples! You can own this day and treat yourself like a queen. Because everyone deserves to be loved-and you can make sure that the ones who are special to you (like friends and family!) receive that love. Have a happy Valentine’s Day, Candy Girl! You deserve to have one filled with happiness!

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