51 Cute Denim Jumpsuit Outfits Ideas For Spring

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Women’s fashion trends are constantly changing, and with four seasons per year, it seems like each new month brings a hot new style. However, despite consistent shifts in trends, some style concepts keep coming back around. One example of this is the idea of women’s fashion inspired by classic menswear.

We’ve all seen it before, but February’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City showcased the trend’s return to the runway. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karan sent their models down the runway in menswear inspired designs, that successfully combined the flirtatious and feminine silhouette with strong and graceful masculine twists.

The outcome is a dynamic re-invention of the menswear trend, and one that is catching for the upcoming seasons in fashion design. Below are several examples of how to combine the perfect masculine garments with the most flattering feminine ones, to get that fashion school savvy mixture of a menswear-inspired look for women.

Sometimes, it’s as little as the pattern of a garment. Even if you are wearing a skirt or fitted pants, they will remind us of menswear if you choose a classic men’s pattern like pinstripes or tweed fabric. Try paring a strong fabric or pattern with a soft, feminine style, like a pleated skirt, cardigan or even a fitted blazer.

A great menswear inspired look, is the classic white button-up shirt. Wear a form-fitting one and tuck it into denim shorts or even slouchier men’s trousers. Or, try a loose one, untucked over jeans, leggings or a skirt. The crisp, tailored and light cotton of a white blouse is a really nice style for spring, and as it gets warmer, you can wear short-sleeved button-ups, or even sleeveless ones.

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