Best Swimsuits Ideas To Rock This Spring 34
Best Swimsuits Ideas To Rock This Spring 34

62 Best Swimsuits Ideas To Rock This Spring

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Those holiday dinners have left their mark…around my waist, hips and thighs. The first flowers of spring tell me that beach season is on the horizon and I need to start planning.

I break spring into two phases. The first phase begins with working on my diet. I need to clean up my calories…which is a good thing anytime of the year. So now is the time to begin eliminating those indulgent desserts, cookies at break time, and soda consumption.

But I negotiate with myself. I create a list of the most calorie dense items that are not good for me…the cookies, sugary sodas, fancy coffees that really pack a caloric punch. Then I reduce it to just one a day. I can still have them….but in moderation. If I need a chocolate fix, I’ll give in, but save half that candy bar for tomorrow. Suddenly, it’s a reward to get a treat and they actually taste better!

Second phase: I gotta get this body in gear. Taking a few flights of stairs gives me time to think and I feel the steps tightening the gluts. At home I set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes of walking. As I cruise, I pickup clutter and put it away.

Wow, now I’m getting multiple benefits, I’m looking better and clutter is vanquished! If I watch a sports show, I gotta set the exercise bike for 15 minutes while I cheer my team. I also use my MP3 player with a downloaded routine so I’m moving while I watch my show, again double duty in a given time period. I’ve got several workout ideas to fit my spare time no matter the weather.

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