Totally Stunning Gold Dress Ideas 40
Totally Stunning Gold Dress Ideas 40

46 Totally Stunning Gold Dress Ideas

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While gold is often seen as an overwhelming and sometimes decadent color, there are subtle ways to utilize them very well for the modern wardrobe. Choosing the right shade of gold and the right accessories are crucial to putting together a fabulous look. There are some things to keep in mind when choosing this particular color for a dress. Since this color is not too subtle, you must avoid wearing an all-gold look.

If your dress is short or sleeveless, try matching it to a pair of delicate strappy muted gold heels. The other option would be to wear a pair of satin court shoes that matches the shade of your dress. On the other hand, if your gold dress is long, it would look better if it was sleeveless or has an asymmetrical design. A long sleeved dress with a high neck would be too over-powering for anybody.

With regards to accessories, go for delicate bangles or a thin chain. If gold accessories are not something you’d prefer, try black instead. Black would give a nice contrast and would not be too over-the-top. You could also try black or brown pearls. Opt for small pearls and not the big ones. This would give a sophisticated and chic look to your dress.

If you prefer to wear precious or semi-precious stones, go for the small to medium sized ones. A citrine or amethyst pendant on a thin black cord or chain would add the maximum ‘wow’ factor without looking over-powering. Brown also goes very well with gold and you can wear deep brown heels with a matching clutch to complete your look.

Since gold is quite a strong color, delicate pieces are what you should choose. Since materials also alter the shade of gold, try on your dress to see if it warms your skin tone or makes it looked washed out.

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