Cute Black And White Striped Dresses Ideas 08
Cute Black And White Striped Dresses Ideas 08

59 Cute Black And White Striped Dresses Ideas

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Talking about variety in striped dresses, it’s numerous. Just name it and you’ll find it. One can go for striped tee, striped sweater dress, striped shirt dress or even striped evening wear. Striped tees are best for casual wear. For a formal occasion or party, one can opt stylish striped gown or mini dress.

Three types of stripes are very much in fashion today. These are vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes. Vertically striped dresses are best for ladies who want to elongate their body. It is apt for plus size women as vertical stripes pose a slimmer look.

Ladies who are too slim and would like to go for stripe tee or sweater dress should opt for horizontal stripe, as it will add volume and give a ravishing look as well. Diagonal stripes work well for plus size as well as tall women because diagonal and askew stripes add curves wherever needed, hiding the rest.

Many fashion shows like Bottega Veneta and Givenchy Spring 2010, presented stylish striped dresses. Dresses with stripes can even correct some of the things one is not so proud of. Lot of variety as well as colors are available in striped dresses. One can also go for colorful or nautical striped dress. A black and white striped tee is best for every occasion.

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