Beautiful Pastel Wedding Gowns Design Ideas 39
Beautiful Pastel Wedding Gowns Design Ideas 39

56 Beautiful Pastel Wedding Gowns Design Ideas

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The bride wears an exquisite gown on the day of her wedding, for the ceremony. The fall, color and the style of the gown highlight the cultural and religious background. The color code for most of the western wedding dresses is white. The main color is generally white, but designers do experiment with hues of cream, ivory, ecru and other pastel colors.

The marriage of Queen Victoria that took place in 1840 set the trend of wearing a white gown. The color has become popular since then and most of the wedding gowns worn are white. Black is considered the color of mourning and is avoided. In the period before the marriage of Queen Victoria, brides wore gowns in shades of blue and brown. It is believed that the color white symbolizes virginity.

The eastern culture, like in Taiwan and China, the color of the wedding gown is red, as it signifies good luck. At many Chinese weddings in the western countries, the bride chooses to wear a white gown or even changes from the red gown to the white one, later in the day.

While choosing a wedding gown, it is very important that the bride is not hasty, and chooses the dress she is most comfortable in. This is a special occasion and the bride desires to look her best. This makes her opt for designers who can tailor the wedding gown. Those brides who do not have any financial constrains can choose to get their wedding gowns designed by professional designers.

It is not necessary for every bride to choose designer wear. The bride can look for a gown that is formal, suits her budget and accentuates her figure. She can buy a ready made wedding gown, rent one or opt for a second hand wedding gown.

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